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June 25, 2024

Why be an optimist?

A very extensive, in-depth analysis of why to be an optimist

June 15, 2024

Setting a Default Output Mode in SQLite Using an Alias

How to set a default output mode in SQLite with a simple shell alias.

June 14, 2024

Reinitializing a Django app

How to reinitialize a Django app by deleting migration files, dropping associated database tables, and recreating the app from scratch

June 05, 2024

Showing Models of Internal and 3rd Party Apps in Django Admin Page

How to display the models of Django's internal apps or any 3rd party apps in the admin page.

February 28, 2024

TIL - Postgres MAC Address Data Type

Postgres has a data type for mac addresses called macaddr

February 07, 2024

TIL: Django has a field limit

The number of GET/POST parameters exceeded settings.DATA_UPLOAD_MAX_NUMBER_FIELDS.

January 27, 2024

TIL: You can include files in Insomnia requests

Today I learned that you can put files in a request made from Insomnia.

January 20, 2024

Displaying Human-Readable ArrayField Choices in Django REST Framework

How to Display a Human-Readable Format of a Django ArrayField Containing CharFields with Choices in Django REST Framework.

January 14, 2024

Hide your Nginx Version

The Nginx version is exposed by default. Hide it.

January 02, 2024

Customizing Tab Titles in Oh My Zsh (terminal-profile)

Adding custom titles to your terminal tabs when using Oh My Zsh with terminal-profile.

January 01, 2024

Custom Validation Errors in FastAPI with Pydantic

Learn how to customize validation errors in FastAPI with Pydantic

October 29, 2023

Finding the services companies use via their TXT records

How to use a company's TXT records to discover the products they use.

October 07, 2023

How I find good books to read

Strategies to discover great reads

October 01, 2023

`/bin/bash/` not working

/bin/bash is not working

July 20, 2023

Modifying LLM responses on the fly

How to modify LLM responses in Next.js to shape the response the way you want

December 07, 2021

Modal Routing in NextJS

How to route to a modal or a detail page in Next.js similar to the way Reddit and Instagram do it.

November 02, 2021

Restricting registrations only to specific users in Django

Only allowing registration to users with emails in an approved list of email providers

October 10, 2021

Creating Different Admin Pages for Different Trusted Users in Django

How to Create Different Admin Pages for Different Trusted Users

October 02, 2021

Optimizing Queries in Django: Selecting Individual Fields using Only

How to optimize django queries by getting individual fields only